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This Privacy Policy applies to all websites, products and web applications which link to this policy; a full list of relevant titles can be found at the bottom of this page. These products and services provide premium news, insight and analysis to a growing audience of global decision makers. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of data protection for our customers.

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If you have any queries about how we use your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

Information we collect

This section details the information we may collect about you. We explain why, and how, we use it in later sections.

Account information
If you decide to create an account or enquire about one of our products or services, we’ll ask you to provide us with some specific information, for example:

  • Basic personal details - such as your full name;
  • Work details - such as job title, role and department, company name, company address, work email address and office phone number;
  • Personal contact details - because Money-Media subscriptions are corporate rather than individual, we will only ask you to provide us with your your personal contact details, such as home address, delivery address, home phone number, mobile phone number and email address, when no work details are available. For example, on Agenda and BoardIQ , we allow outside directors to create an account even though in some cases they may be retired; individuals who are in between jobs are also allowed to register for a trial using their personal email address at the discretion of our sales team.
  • Log in details - such as username and password.
  • If you choose to register for our ThinkTank Continuing Education Credit service, we will also ask you to provide your relevant license registration information.

Additional information
On occasion, we will ask you to voluntarily provide additional information, for example:

  • Your opinion of our products and services;
  • Your mailing preferences, including issue types or topics;
  • Your demographic data, such as role and department related to your job or profession.
  • Your name, email address and comments, as well as the recipient’s name and email address if you use the “Email this Article” functionality.

Information we obtain from partners and public sources
In some circumstances, we collect information about you from our partners or from publicly available websites to help us better understand our audience and enhance the relevance of our content. For example, in some cases we may obtain additional demographic details from our partners to enrich our data for the purpose of understanding reader preferences or attracting potential advertisers.

Information we obtain through cookies and similar tools
We use cookies (and similar technologies) and analytics tools across our Sites to collect information about you. This information can be used to improve the performance of the site, make advertising more relevant and enhance your user experience. We provide detailed information about cookies and similar technologies within our Cookie Policy; examples include:

  • Your location - we monitor the IP addresses, or location, along with the corresponding username and password of each user in order to prevent unauthorized access to our sites. We also use location to tailor functionality on our websites to conform to certain regulatory requirements.
  • Your usage - statistical data regarding access to each site is gathered, including the frequency of use, duration of use, scroll-depth, and number of visits per page. This helps us identify usability issues and improve the assistance we can provide to users and is also used for aggregated and statistical reporting purposes. For users of our ThinkTank Continuing Education Credit feature, we will also track your active reading time on accredited documents.
  • Your device - we use analytics tools to understand what type of device you are using to show you the best version of the site.
  • Your engagement with advertisements - on some of our sites we use cookies to understand what advertisements you have been shown, or clicked on, to bill our advertising partners, and to present you with advertisements that are more relevant to you.

Lawful basis for processing

We only process personal information where we have a lawful basis for doing so, such as the following:

  • User consent
    This is where you have given us explicit permission to process personal information for a given purpose. For example, if you complete one of our general enquiry forms, we would ask for your consent if we wanted to use your personal information for any other purpose. You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. You can manage your preferences within your account or by contacting
  • Legitimate business purposes
    This is where we have a legitimate interest, as a business, to process personal information. For example, where we are aware of copyright infringements on our Site, it is in our legitimate interests as a business to identify those responsible. We take due care to balance our interests against your right to privacy.
  • Contractual necessity
    This is where we have to process personal information to meet our contractual obligations. For example, if you are a registered reader, we would need to process your corporate email address to fulfil your subscription.
  • Legal obligation
    This is where we have to process personal information in order to comply with the law. For example, we process and retain customer invoice information to comply with financial regulations.

How we use your personal information

We collect personal information for the following main reasons:

  • To provide our service
    We require some of your basic personal information so our services function as you would expect, for example, delivering the newsletter to your correct email address, providing access to our digital content, notifying you of changes to our services and dealing with customer services queries. We record customer calls for monitoring and training purposes.
  • To improve and maintain performance
    In order to provide you with the best possible user experience, we need to make sure that our products and services work as they should. Using personal information helps us understand how our readers use our Sites so we can make improvements. This includes testing proposed developments on our Sites, reaching out to our customers with market research surveys and hosting subscriber focus groups.
  • For billing purposes
    With the exception of Financial Advisor IQ , which has free registration, all Money-Media subscription products are corporate rather than individual. For all subscriptions provided by your employer or through a group entity, we will routinely report how active you are in order to justify the price of the group subscription. Any usage information provided about your reading activity is at a high level in aggregate form (e.g. total page views, last login date).
  • To monitor compliance with our policies and terms
    We monitor for breaches of our terms and conditions and copyright policies. For example, we reserve the right to inform the subscription holder if, through use of a group subscription, you are using our content in breach of the terms and conditions or copyright policies of our Sites. We also monitor activity on our Sites to detect and prevent invalid or fraudulent traffic.
  • To personalise our products and services
    We improve our products and services by personalising your experience based on the information you give us and what we learn about you. This includes personalising communications to ensure that they are relevant to you.
  • To communicate product changes and offers
    We want you to get the most out of our products and services, including showcasing our latest content and newsletters. We will contact you with carefully-curated offers and promotions, exclusive event invitations and feature announcements. You are able to change your preferences at any time through your account or by contacting
  • For the purpose of advertising
    We rely on advertising revenue in part to support our award-winning journalism. We need to process your information to understand the effectiveness of the advertising we serve to you and others, and to deliver relevant personalised advertising. We use the information you give us and the information we collect about you to serve you with the most appropriate advertisements. We provide detailed information about advertising in our Cookie Policy.

Who we share your personal information with

We disclose personal information to facilitate the running of our business or to provide specific services you have requested. Commonly, we will disclose information to:

  • Service providers
    We engage service providers who help to support our business and improve our products. These service providers include, for example, fulfilment providers for delivery of our digital content and marketing; hosts, organisers and sponsors of our events; organisations that host our Sites or databases; and providers of online surveys.
  • For Agenda and BoardIQ subscriptions only which are offered in print (all other products are exclusively online), we also work with key distribution vendors to deliver subscriptions. We have contracts in place with these data processors and they can only use your personal information under our instruction. For example, if you have a print subscription with us, we will disclose your information (address, contact details) to our distribution partners to facilitate delivery of the magazine.

  • Advertisers
    With the exception of Ignites Europe and any subscriptions to MandateWire (which has no advertisements), we, and our advertising partners, use cookies to collect personal information and serve you with advertisements that we believe are relevant to you and your interests. There is more specific information about our advertising partners and data sharing in our Cookie Policy.
  • MandateWire directories
    As part of our MandateWire service, we offer a database of individuals who are linked to investment activities or listed as a key company contact. We collect this data through research using publicly available information and also through our journalists who speak with individuals directly about their investment activities. This data is published and shared with our subscribers who, on occasion, contact individuals in our directory. We limit the data we publish to work details only, including full name, job title, department, company name, company address, corporate email address, and office phone number.
  • If you no longer wish to have your details included in our database, or would like us to share the exact details we hold on you, please send an email to

  • Group subscription and free trial registrants
    With the exception of Financial Advisor IQ which has free registration, all Money-Media subscription products are corporate rather than individual. If you are a licensed reader as part of a group subscription or have free trial access, your contact details along with usage information may be shared with key contacts within your organization for the purpose of validating that your contact details are accurate, preventing unauthorized access, and justifying the price of a corporate subscription. Any usage information shared about your individual reader account is in aggregate form and your employer cannot track exactly what articles you have read.
  • Think Tank - continuing education credit providers and publishers
    If you choose to read documents on our ThinkTank pages, your name, email address and company may be provided to the publisher of the document for their marketing purposes. If you choose to use our ThinkTank Continuing Education Credit feature, your registration details and credit hours earned on ThinkTank will be provided to your credit provider e.g. CFP.
  • Social media providers
    Your information will be shared with social media platforms where social media plugins are used to recommend or share content (e.g. share an article on LinkedIn). We also share the information of our subscribers with social media partners for the following reasons:
    • To prevent existing subscribers from being targeted with subscription offerings on social media platforms;
    • To create lookalike audiences for the purposes of targeted advertising on social media platforms;
    • To encourage users to get the most out of their subscription.
  • Other users
    Our Sites are publicly accessible and anyone around the world who accesses our Sites will be able to see anything you post, such as comments about an article. We encourage you to use a pseudonym when commenting on our Sites if you do not wish to be identifiable to other readers.
  • FT group
    We share your information within the FT group to provide our services and to better understand our audiences and the relationship between our products. More information about FT group is on the FT Group “ About us ” website. For example, FT Live may send exclusive invitations to subscribers of products and services offered by Money-Media, a Financial Times group company, if an event may be of particular interest to that individual. FT may also contact you if you engage with FT content on our sites.
  • Legal processes and successors in title
    We may also disclose your information to comply with applicable laws, court orders or other valid legal processes, and to enforce or apply our terms of use, any subscription agreement, or any of our other rights.
  • We may transfer or disclose your personal information to any entity which takes over or acquires the relevant Money-Media business.

We also share aggregated, non-identifiable information with third parties. Before sharing this information, we ensure that it cannot identify you as an individual. For example, we regularly release information about the size and growth of our audiences.

How long we retain your personal information

We retain the majority of your personal information for as long as your account is active and therefore open; this allows you to continue accessing our content, products and services.

A summary of how long your personal information is retained can be found below:

Category of Data Example Retention Period Justification for Retention
Business intelligence Web activity on services offered by Money-Media, Inc. 7 years after account is inactive To improve and maintain performance, personalise our services and to provide our product.
Comments and Site Features Comment on an article or saving an article 7 years after account is inactive To enable our readers to see other readers’ comments about our content and to improve your experience of our products and services and to enable you to continue accessing site features.
Customer service queries Complaint about non-delivery of email newsletter 7 years To provide a case history to assist us to answer your queries.
Event registration Sign up information to FT Rankings and ODX events 7 years For event administration and, with your permission, to invite you to future events.
Subscription information Account information relating to your Ignites subscription 7 years post-subscription To keep a record of the products to which you have subscribed to in the past across our different brands, to assist with queries.

It is sometimes necessary for us to keep your personal information for longer periods of time, for example:

  • If there is a statutory requirement to retain it;
  • If we require the information for legal reasons or there is a legitimate business need for us to retain it;
  • To ensure we do not contact you if you have asked us not to.

How we keep your personal information secure

We have appropriate technical and administrative security measures in place to help ensure that our users’ information is protected against unauthorised or accidental access, use, alteration, or loss. We use encryption technology, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), to protect your personal information when you order products or services from us.

We operate a global business, so your personal information (even if you are an EU customer) will be processed and stored outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Your rights

Under data protection laws, you have rights as an individual in relation to the personal data we hold about you. Depending on where you are based, these rights may include:

  • The right to object to direct marketing - your preferences, including in relation to direct marketing, can be found in your account;
  • The right to access the personal data that we process about you;
  • The right to request the deletion of your personal data;
  • The right to request the rectification of your personal data - you can manage some of this information in your account.

You can exercise applicable rights through your account or by contacting customer services.

Depending on where you are based you may also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. In the UK, this is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Where this Privacy Policy applies

Personal information is collected by Money-Media, Inc., The Financial Times (M-M UK) Limited, and The Financial Times Limited on behalf of the Financial Times group of companies and its trading entities. This policy specifically applies to the following titles:

  • Agenda
  • BoardiQ
  • Financial Advisor IQ
  • FundFire
  • Health System Specialist
  • Ignites (US)
  • Ignites Europe
  • Ignites Asia
  • Life Annuity Specialist
  • MandateWire (US)
  • MandateWire (EU)
  • MandateWire (APAC)
  • MandateWire (MEA)
  • P&C Specialist
  • Health Payer Specialist

Our Sites are not intended for children under 16 years of age. We do not intentionally collect or use any information from children.

Our Sites contain links to third party websites which are not subject to this privacy policy. We are not responsible for their content, use of personal information, or security practices.

If you have a query in regards to the processing of your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer directly at

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Changes to this Privacy Policy

This policy is effective from 5/24/2019.

Any changes we may make to this privacy policy will be posted on this page. If changes are significant, we may choose to notify you by email or to clearly indicate on our home page that the policy has been updated.